What if? (FAQ)

Where does WonderMunch launch, meet up & start from!?

The launch meet up & start point for WonderMunch is 420 SE 6th avenue Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301. This directly next door (on the east side of) The Stranahan House Museum. This is also known as the Laura Ward Riverwalk Plaza & is also the first stop on the Water Taxi.

For your convenience; here is a map:


What is the maximum amount of people per WonderMunch!?

Each tour holds a maximum of 15 people.


Can I pay cash for WonderMunch!?

(This is a great question; let us put our lawyer & accountant hat on for this one)

While cash is accepted in advance, WonderMunch is classified as a tour operator & not a vendor. As such, due to city law; the only time the exchange of cash in the street is legal is when, money in hand is exchanged as gratuity (your tour guide is so grateful for these; really!). However, if there is the rare chance that there is space on the tour, you are on site & would like to go; you can easily book through your Smartphone, tablet or any other device that can pull up web pages on the internet. Even better; your tour guide can book you on site, safely & secure on their respective WonderMunch web enabled device; Hooray!
So, in summery; it is strongly recommended that tickets be purchased on line & in advance to maximize your chances of getting your desired day, time, as well as number of tickets because WonderMunch usually sell out quickly & ahead of time.

How much food will be served on WonderMunch!?

WonderMunch will visit 4 food stops on the tour in which people taking the tour will be served 4 different dishes. Prior to the tour, eat what you must because we all need food. However, please know that one of our goals at WonderMunch is to make sure that you will not leave hungry for knowledge or food. As a result, for most people there is enough food served on WonderMunch so that dinner afterwards probably will not be a top priority but at the same time the people taking the tour will have a great idea of where they are probably going to have a late dinner that evening.

What types of foods are served on WonderMunch!?

Within the 4 food stops each stop has 1 portion to be served to every 1 person on the tour. Among the 4 stops; an espresso starter, a yummy appetizer, a tasty main course & an all you can eat dessert!

What if I have a restricted diet?

Please let WonderMunch know if anyone in your group has a dietary restriction (e.g. vegetarian, gluten free, diabetic, etc.) when you purchase your tickets. As long as Wonder-Munch knows well enough in advance, Wonder-Munch can often accommodate the need. If WonderMunch does not find out about the special need until the day of the tour, it is usually not possible for WonderMunch to appropriately adjust the food on the tour.

Will there any beverages served on the WonderMunch!?

Each restaurant will serve water or other beverages with each meal. Alcoholic beverages are not a part of the tour but if the location serves alcohol and you are (21 & over; please drink responsibly), the bar will be open should people taking the tour decide if this is something that they would like.

If I am bringing an infant (3 & under), do I need to purchase a ticket for them?

Yes; In agreement with our tour stops & in an effort to insure that the limited amount of availability does not go unaccounted for, each person needs to have a ticket.

Will WonderMunch have Bathroom accessibility?

Bathrooms are available during the tour at each stop.

Do we do a lot of walking?

South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, & the surrounding area is pretty laid back; its citizens & visitors like to have all of their favorite things reasonably close*. As such, WonderMunch will travel three blocks in any 1 direction during the tour.
*The central location for the tour has a so many restaurants & so much historical relevance in one area that It is almost ridiculous to have to walk far to find something.

*Please remember to wear comfortable shoes.

Can we stop to shop?

Along the way, WonderMunch as well as its guests will meet many vendors with many great things to offer & because you are a part of WonderMunch, you will get many of the same discounts post WonderMunch that you would have gotten during WonderMunch! Please remember your favorites so that you can visit them post WonderMunch!

How long do we stay at each stop during WonderMunch!?

WonderMunch stays at most locations for 15-20 minutes each.

What happens if it rains?

Along with a great experience, safety is our #1 concern & in accordance with this; WonderMunch happens rain* or shine.
*we even have a plan for hurricanes.

Where is the finish line for WonderMunch!?

This is “the magic Question”; the answer is one would have to take the tour to find out.

Does our WonderMunch guide accept gratuities?

Yes (as this is the hospitality industry) & about 20% is very much appreciated, is the standard & if you feel so inclined to give more, your Wonder-Munch guide would most certainly be grateful.

Are cameras allowed on WonderMunch!?

Yes. Cameras are allowed during the tour. We strongly encourage participants to take photos throughout WonderMunch as well as be active during WonderMunch with your favorite outlet for social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tripadvisor, Yelp, Google+, etc…).

What about parking for WonderMunch!?

There is plenty of parking at one of the largest garages in the area (which happens to be next to the WonderMunch meeting point.)

What about transportation to WonderMunch!?

There are several transportation partners that work with WonderMunch; however, WonderMunch will not be held responsible should any incident arise (sorry).

Is there a question that is not answered here?

Contact us (please) with all of your thoughts input & concerns as WonderMunch would love to hear from you.


(954) 580-6900