The History tour & Food Tour – WonderMunch is the The best thing to do in Fort Lauderdale!

WonderMunch Tour Information

The Fascinating History Experience!
(The “Not so typical” story of Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

In all of its glory, WonderMunch is handled with a back & forth rapport between tour guide & tour participants to which you may almost feel like you are a part of a game show. (either audience or contestant; you decide!!!). There will be prizes awarded throughout the tour, various categories to win them in & even the silent type will have a chance to win because if you like to watch, that’s ok too!

This tour is more than just quick banter &…

  • While on this Adventure, keep in mind; your talented, entertaining, knowledgeable, sometimes silly WonderMunch tour guide will not just show & inform of the important landmarks, museums, waterways, parks & shopping, you’ll even get the scoop on Fort Lauderdale’s history which is significantly deep considering the City of Fort Lauderdale is only about 100 years old.

…our history is more than just the birthplace of Spring Break!

  • Fort Lauderdale’s History has a wide array of interesting, personalities & characters including rich tycoons, damsels in distress, widows left on their own to fend for themselves, politicians, fires, hurricanes, war & of course a love story (C’mon, Who doesn’t love a good love story?!?)!

The truth is just as important as a good time!

  • WonderMunch; hosted by locals that love & know Fort Lauderdale as well as its history
  • WonderMunch tour guides strive to provide to you that unique view into all of the cool/interesting facts, controversy & debate that helped to shape Fort Lauderdale (The Venice of America) into one of America’s most popular cities!

The Delicious Food Experience!
(“Where to eat?”, “What to eat”, & “How to eat what?!”)

There are a lot of food choices on Las Olas & WonderMunch has narrowed (tasted) them down to four (4) of the best choices one could ask, each different from one another & meticulously selected with great effort to not just eat some food but it is also done to ensure that you will want to come back to again & again!

How is this done?!

Since we are not an average tour experience, WonderMunch has arranged for each restaurant stop to have Culinary Expert Establishment Representatives & these representatives are “all knowing” about their respective establishments just as your WonderMunch guide is about Fort Lauderdale.

  • Each Restaurant’s Culinary Expert Establishment Representative will have thorough knowledge about the food being served at each establishment.
  • Each Restaurant’s Culinary Expert Establishment Representative will conduct a “Q&A” (question & answer briefing about the current dish being served.)
  • Each Restaurant’s Culinary Expert Establishment Representative will let you know about in detail the establishment’s civic heritage as well property lineage that each establishment may hold.

Thirsty yet?!

With good times, comes great food & WonderMunch wants your belly to be entertained just as much as your thirst for knowledge!

  • A non-alcoholic beverage will be served at each restaurant stop.
  • If you’re of age (21 and over, with ID) and our tour stops at a restaurant that serves adult beverages (alcohol), bar service can be made available for purchase!

“With the best food tour in Fort Lauderdale & the best history tour in Fort Lauderdale combining into one, you end up with this tasty history treat known as WonderMunch – The Food & History tour of Fort Lauderdale!”


Just $49.99 (per person)
Discounts for Seniors, Children, Veterans, & Active Military are available!

Discounts for Groups, Schools, Team Building, Office Outings & Special Event Parties are available!

Office Hours:

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday & Sunday 12pm-5pm

Tour Times:

Tour Hours: One (1) tour daily Monday thru Friday
Tour time: 2pm & the tour will last about 3 hours

Call us at (954) 580-6900 for more information.

Tour Tidbits:

Tour duration: About (3) Three hours rain or shine
Walking distance: (5) blocks of laid back lifestyle with almost half of the WonderMunch happening in doors while you take in the goodness that is Fort Lauderdale.

Location for tour start? The heart & center of Fort Lauderdale (since it is a walking tour the start location varies). As such, upon purchase, a confirmation email is sent with the meeting place as well as receipt for WonderMunch.

Restaurants? (4) Amazing local eateries for you to see, taste, & smell  combined with a smorgasbord of history with many sights to see as well!